The training of 56 associates of the CoV2Soul.RS project is underway at the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade. The goal of the training is to acquire skills for field work. Project associates – MDes, psychologists and graduates of medical faculties of universities in Serbia – are intensively educated and trained under the supervision of university professors and experienced clinicians. During the training, they are receiveing all the necessary equipment and protection to perform tests throughout Serbia during the next 5 months.
The organizer of this CME is the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, decision of the Health Council of Serbia number 153-02-01202 / 2020-01, from 16.11.2020; a row. No. A- 1-2014 / 20. Number of credits for participants – 6.
All those interested in this training can call 011-3307-565 to apply for the term in September 2021.