It was a pleasure to be a part of this fantastic project. I have never had the opportunity to participate in such a research before. Of particular importance is the fact that the core of the research itself is based on information that my colleagues and I collected in the field. I am an extroverted person by nature, so I experienced this task as an adventure, which enriched me with new, positive experiences.
Covid has left a void in all segments of people’s lives, which we have seen in both urban and rural areas. So the respondents gladly accepted the communication with us and were very interested in expressing their opinions about the pandemic and its impact on their daily lives.
I would like to thank the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, the entire team that was involved in this project, and especially Prof. Milica Pejović Milovancevic and prof. Nadja Marić, who were our support at every step. With their advice, they helped to make the information we collected relevant and valid, in order to draw the right conclusions.
Đina Tomašević, M.D.
(Đina Tomašević, MD, is the first research associate of the CoV2Soul.RS project with completed tasks in the field)