When I first read M.I.N.I, I was certain that it was the most difficult and the most unpleasant part of the interview. ‘Too long and too intrusive for the participants, too confusing for the researcher’- I thought. From training to training I began to grasp more on what I am looking for and which is the shortest and the easiest way to get there. Finally, at the end of the training, along with my friends and colleagues which I asked for help, I found a few participants to go through M.I.N.I with! That is when I realized that M.I.N.I. not only is not too long and too confusing, but with the initial YES or NO answers, test is easier, faster and interesting to both researcher and participant.  It is not intrusive to the participants, and for me, it is clear. ‘it was not difficult and it was interesting!’- was the final impression of me and my participants.


Jovana Vukovic, MD