National survey of mental health related to COVID-19 pandemic:
Multilevel analysis of individual and societal factors

Project Cov2Soul.RS (#7528289) is funded by:

How Covid-19 pandemic affected psychic state – from assumptions to the scientific facts

Project news

29/03/2022 / english results at The First World Conference Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

Health Challenges Belgrade, 2022 principal investigator and the lead in the leader of work package 4- dissemination prof. Milica...
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24/03/2022 / english

Why are citizens of Serbia less depressed than others?- in Danas newspaper

The results of were presented in Danas newspaper (article in Serbian): Why are citizens of Serbia less depressed than...
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24/01/2022 / english

The Serbian COVID-19 Stress Scale (Serbian-CSS) and vaccine acceptance: Is there a place for COVID-19-related distress in explaining attitudes towards vaccination?

The research team of the Cov2Soul.RS project, conducted the large online survey on more than 3000 participants, as a part...
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Statistical data for the Republic of Serbia