National survey of mental health related to COVID-19 pandemic:
Multilevel analysis of individual and societal factors

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How Covid-19 pandemic affected psychic state – from assumptions to the scientific facts

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27/10/2022 / english

Magazine ”Nedeljnik” on youth mental health

In the article titled ''How are you? but really: What is happening with the youth'', the magazine ''Nedeljnik'' examined the...
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28/09/2022 / english

Seminar ”Mental health in Serbia- where are we and where are we going?” 

In the wake of World Mental Health day, PIN is organizing the seminar ''Mental health in Serbia- where are we...
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22/07/2022 / english

Mental health in Serbia: Importance of prevention

Professor Milica Pejovic Milovancevic on the importance of the timely recognition and prevention of mental disorder in Serbia. The complete...
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