National survey of mental health related to COVID-19 pandemic:
Multilevel analysis of individual and societal factors

Project Cov2Soul.RS (#7528289) is funded by:

How Covid-19 pandemic affected psychic state – from assumptions to the scientific facts



Oct 21

On the occasion of the International Mental Health day the research group reports the preliminary data on depression in Serbia research group funded by the Science Fund of Serbia (#7528289) to evaluate mental health in Serbia in relation to...
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Project news

21/12/2022 / english

Conclusions of the Social dialogue

The dialogue in the Serbian National assembly that was held on the December 10th, 2022. managed to conclude the main...
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09/12/2022 / english

International Human right day- December 10th 2022.

The results from the study will be presented at the seminar during the International human rights day. The seminar...
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22/11/2022 / english

A publication from project on the symposium ”Aspirations and novelties in medicine”

A research article published as a part of project ''Marić NP, Lazarević LJB, Priebe S, Mihić LJ, Pejović-Milovančević M,...
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