National survey of mental health related to COVID-19 pandemic:
Multilevel analysis of individual and societal factors

Project Cov2Soul.RS (#7528289) is funded by:

There are many assumptions, but little scientific evidence how the pandemic affected the mental health of the Serbian population.

We want to know the truth!



Oct 21

On the occasion of the International Mental Health day the research group reports the preliminary data on depression in Serbia research group funded by the Science Fund of Serbia (#7528289) to evaluate mental health in Serbia in relation to...
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Project news

10/11/2021 / english

The conference Current Trends in Psychology 2021.

The conference Current Trends in Psychology was held between the 28th and 30th of October 2021. Professor Ljiljana Mihic, PhD,...
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19/10/2021 / english

The field work knows no obstacles

The research assistants visited total of 63 municipalities in Serbia during the research. Now, we have the participants from...
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16/10/2021 / english

Red line on the mental health in the Western Balkan region on the 15th of October, 2021.

The journalist Anne Marie Ćurčić presents the significance of the preliminary results of the research. The entire show can...
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